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Build loyalty by exceeding your customers’ service expectations.

Mobile is revolutionizing customer relationships!

With our platform you can go mobile in no time and start building a relationship with your customers when they are travelling.

No worries about development costs.

Start today! Curate, distribute, analyze and monetize.

How it works

Get up and running in no time.


Use the CMS to easily build your own content and keep it updated. You can invite colleagues and partners that you work with to contribute to your guides, e.g. bloggers, free-lancers.


If you have your own CMS and database we can integrate via our API or you can download our SDK.

Prices and how to start

Let’s monetize together...

We apply a flexible pricing model, which is based a license fee structure or a revenue share model or a combination of them both. The revenue share model is based on sharing ad sales/retargeting, booking affiliates provisions and premium services. This model is appropriate if you have a large customer base and can drive high volumes of downloads.

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